Sexual Assault Hospital Accompaniment Volunteer: Volunteers will provide advocacy to survivors of sexual assault during the process of their medical exam. This includes meeting the survivor at the hospital or designated facility and providing support during the Sexual Assault Nursing Exam. Volunteers who wish to participate in this program must complete the 40 hour OAG training as well as 20 hour Sexual Assault Medical Accompaniment training. For more information, click here to review the full volunteer description and also contact us at

Client Volunteer Advocates: Volunteer advocates provide peer support, crisis intervention, and overall support to survivors. They accompany clients to court, attorney’s offices and other appointments (opening bank accounts, riding the bus, going to the grocery store etc). They also can support basic needs related services including delivering groceries for clients, picking up diapers and distributing to clients, and/or delivering mails. The advocates provide childcare when the parent is attending meetings or support group.

Helpline/Resource Line Volunteer: AFSSA operates a 24-hour hotline. AFSSA is looking for hotline volunteers to offer immediate and confidential crisis intervention, information, referrals, and problem-solving assistance to the caller. Since this is a 24/7 hotline, positions are available during evenings, nights and weekends.

Life Skills Volunteer: Volunteers will attend and facilitate Life Skills workshops and drop-in sessions, working directly with attendees on topics such as job readiness, resume writing, computer literacy, budgeting and personal finances, amongst others. In addition to leading sessions, volunteers will provide childcare, assist the set up and tear down of sessions, and ultimately be responsible for creating a fun, safe, supportive environment for attendees. Volunteers are expected to be available for a minimum of two sessions per-month.

People with excellent listening skills and/or counseling experience and the ability to dedicate at least a year to AFSSA are preferred for the above positions.

In order to be a Direct Service Volunteer, participants should attend:

  • AFSSA Volunteer Orientation (see available dates here)
  • Attend an interview with a Direct Service  Advocate
  • 40 Hour Core Advocate Training with the SAFE Alliance
  • In House AFSSA Direct Service Training


Community Educators: Community Speakers provide information on a variety of topics including domestic violence, special issues relating to the Asian population, why there is a need for AFSSA services, and various cultural competency related topics. After approval from the Community Liaison, can independently coordinate and manage information booths.

Booth Supervisors: Supervise AFSSA booths at various community events by providing information and handing out AFSSA material.

Community Ambassadors: Community leaders from various ethnic groups work with AFSSA to raise awareness about gender based violence.

Research Volunteers: Assist researching information to generate content for AFSSA related publications.

In order to be a Community Education volunteer, participants should attend:

  • AFSSA Volunteer Orientation (see available dates here)
  • Attend an interview with a Community Education Program Manager
  • 40 Hour Core Advocate Training with the SAFE Alliance
  • In House AFSSA Community Education Training

Clerical and Event Day Volunteers

Clerical Volunteer: Assist with data entry and other clerical.

Event Day Volunteers : Assist in AFSSA fundraising events such as the Silk Road : An Asian Epicurean Journey and The Thousand Cranes of Peace.

In order to be a clerical volunteer or a event day volunteer participants should attend:

  • AFSSA Volunteer Orientation (see available dates here)
  • Attend an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Board Members: Provide governance over policies for the agency and expand community relationships. Board volunteers have to go through an extensive vetting process before being invited to join the board. If interested please contact Linda Phan at

Fundraising Committee Volunteers: Serve on the fundraising committee and assist the Executive Director on fundraising projects such as the Thousand Cranes of Peace, Silk Road and other campaigns, events, and community collaborations. Experience with project planning, fund development, and event planning is a plus. As a member of this committee you will be required to attend committee meetings, which occur twice a month typically. Please contact us at if you wish to join the fundraising committee.

Pro-bono professional volunteers: Professionals such as doctors, attorneys, graphic designers, public relations professionals provide pro-bono professional assistance to AFSSA clients and the agency. Pro-bono volunteers are asked to work on discreet, short term projects. Pro-bono professinal volunteers must also attend an AFSSA Volunteer Orientation (see available dates here), pass a background check, and attend an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.

All volunteers are required to undergo a criminal background check. All volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old.

For more information please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at