(Agency Program Stats and why we are important)

Asian Family Support Services of Austin (AFSSA, formerly SAHELI) transforms the lives of Asian and Pacific Islander families dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking to ensure they are happy, thriving and productive members of our communities.

AFSSA does what no other domestic or sexual assault organization in Central Texas can. AFSSA provides a complete continuum of support in over 30 languages, with special care for the unique social, cultural and familial circumstances of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Whether you’ve been here five generations or five weeks, AFSSA understands and values the strong family and community ties which define our ethnic heritages.

Respect and honor are part of asking for help. AFSSA ensures the integrity of these values every step of the way. We help families and individuals understand the honor and courage of standing up for feeling safe and respected at home. Everyone is welcome.

AFSSA works strategically to be an integrated part of our communities and provides unique individual and community solutions to address domestic and sexual violence. And all our services are always completely free of charge.